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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bird Videos from Sweden

Starting a list of bird videos from Sweden that I will constantly be adding more information as I go along. (photographs are free public domain)

First I want you to come to Sweden with me and you will see and feel why I love this place so much. One of my most favourite day trips is boating through the many islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Yellowhammer bird

Excellent bird feeding station in Sweden
filmed by Alan Dalton
A selection of common winter birds at a Stockholm feeding station
Yellowhammers, Mealy Redpolls, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Blackbirds.

Hovering Rough Legged Buzzard
filmed by Alan Dalton
published Jan 14, 2015

Water Rail -- Råstasjön, Sweden
filmed by Alan Dalton
published Jan 5, 2015

Argentatus Herring Gull
Argentatus Herring Gulls in December, shot in the Old Town in Stockholm City
filmed by Alan Dalton
Published Dec 22, 2014

Blogbirder by Alan Dalton- Thank You!

A very cute nesting Blue Tit family during 2014

Great Tit and Blue Tit 2014 in Sweden

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