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Welcome to the world of Birds ~ Armchair birding via upclose videos. Adding quality to our life one bird at a time.
Seniors enjoy the gift of healthy memory activity they recieve from watching the theatre of nature. Test yourself to see how many birds you can remember. All shut-ins love the challenge of birdwatching from their windows, TV and computers.
Learn to identify the birds and they will soon feel like new friends.
We can only live one moment at a time. The birds will help us enjoy it as it reduces the fear that comes with memory loss.
Our thanks to the many youtube video producers who are bringing smiles to all who watch the excellent work.
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Nesting Laysan Albatross Hawaii

Youtube - Laysan Albatross Courtship dance Kauai, Hawaii

We have a hatch 1st sighting of head out of shell was 4:23AM HST 1/31/15.
Chick named -- 5:09 HST 1/31/15 Chick is Niaulani. Niau=swiftly, silently; lani=exalted. Named by Hawaiian practitioner Sam Ohu Gon III. Welcome Niau!

This Laysan Albatross nest is in the yard of a private residence on the north shore of Kauai, near the town of Kilauea, Hawaii.
Watch the nest live in Hawaii time:
Laysan Albatross Nest Cam

Youtube -- Laysan Albatross - Malumalu talking to the chick. 30.01.2015. 15:32

Youtube Glimpses of the hatchling coming out of the shell

Cute baby chick photographs of Niau's first day can be seen on Twitter https://twitter.com/AlbatrossCam/media

Feb. 1, 2015 One day old Niau being tenderly preened by Mom

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hawaiian Bird Life

Java Sparrows at the feeder in Hawaii

Unique Birds of Hawaii

Native Hawaiian Birds and their calls

Hawai`i Forest Birds - `i`iwi

KAUAI: RED-CRESTED CARDINAL steals food...(June 5, 2014)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bird Videos from Sweden

Starting a list of bird videos from Sweden that I will constantly be adding more information as I go along. (photographs are free public domain)

First I want you to come to Sweden with me and you will see and feel why I love this place so much. One of my most favourite day trips is boating through the many islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Yellowhammer bird

Excellent bird feeding station in Sweden
filmed by Alan Dalton
A selection of common winter birds at a Stockholm feeding station
Yellowhammers, Mealy Redpolls, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Blackbirds.

Hovering Rough Legged Buzzard
filmed by Alan Dalton
published Jan 14, 2015

Water Rail -- Råstasjön, Sweden
filmed by Alan Dalton
published Jan 5, 2015

Argentatus Herring Gull
Argentatus Herring Gulls in December, shot in the Old Town in Stockholm City
filmed by Alan Dalton
Published Dec 22, 2014

Blogbirder by Alan Dalton- Thank You!

A very cute nesting Blue Tit family during 2014

Great Tit and Blue Tit 2014 in Sweden

Do You Expect to See Birds in Costa Rica?

Photo is fre public doman

If you expect to see wild free-flying birds in their natural habitat in Costa Rica then you had better hurry and book your flight.

Video gives a warning

Costa Rica Birding Arenal Observatory Lodge

Hummingbirds at a feeder in Costa Rica

Toucans of Costa Rica

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birding in the Arctic

Map is public domain

The question came up about bird life at the North Pole. What birds could we expect to add to our list if we went there?
The Canadian territory of Nunavut lies closest to the North Pole.We did a bird list search for Nunavut, Canada.
List of the Birds of Nunavat

Have you ever wished you could go on a scientific bird expedition? Now you can tag along with a team from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to collect sound recordings in the Canadian High Arctic.
Canadian Arctic Expedition

The stunning Ivory Gull set the pace of excitement as we continued.

Rock Ptarmigan is the Nunavut,Official Bird

Voices: Willow Ptarmigan
There are few birds whose vocalizations are as comical as those of the Willow Ptarmigan.

Taking a look at terns 1: Common vs Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern Migration Google Earth Tour Video

We want to thank all the producers of these amazing videos for making them available on youtube so a few dreams of seniors came true by enjoying a virtual adventure trip.

About 190 species gather from six continents and all 50 states to nest and rear their young.
A beautiful book for you and your friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's Go to Brazil, South America

We are going to visit the small city of Morretes, Parana State, Brazil.

Our favorite birdwatching site in South America where we can watch live Feeder Cams is:
Ornithos Birdwatching Brazil

Tangara desmaresti - Saira-lagarta - Brassy-breasted Tanager
This youtube video is published by Ornithos Live Cams

Panyptila cayennensis - Andorinhao-estofador - Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift
When you see this video you will understand why it is also called the Swift-upholsterer
This youtube video is published by Ornithos Live Cams

Hemithraupis ruficapilla - Saíra-ferrugem / Rufous-headed Tanager Turn your sound on to hear it's song. This youtube video is published by Ornithos Live Cams. Thank you!

Brazilian Birds identified - sounds - video is only 14 minutes long

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hummingbirds on Our Bucket List

With over 300 different species of hummingbirds it is hard to pick about 10 for our birdwatcher bucket list.
Let's take a look at what we want to see before we die.

When I saw the video of this cute little bird I had to list it as number one!
1. Bearded Helmetcrest Hummingbird.

When you see the video of this stunning hummingbird you will definately want it on your bucket list.
2. Swallow-tailed Hummingbird

You are not going to believe your eyes when you see this video. They are wearing white boots!
3. Booted Racquet Tail Hummingbird

It is easy to see which Hummingbird is called the
4. Sword Billed Hummingbird

South American Humming Beautiful Colorful Birds documentary (full documentary)

You can also buy it on DVD as a gift