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Welcome to the world of Birds ~ Armchair birding via upclose videos. Adding quality to our life one bird at a time.
Seniors enjoy the gift of healthy memory activity they recieve from watching the theatre of nature. Test yourself to see how many birds you can remember. All shut-ins love the challenge of birdwatching from their windows, TV and computers.
Learn to identify the birds and they will soon feel like new friends.
We can only live one moment at a time. The birds will help us enjoy it as it reduces the fear that comes with memory loss.
Our thanks to the many youtube video producers who are bringing smiles to all who watch the excellent work.
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Full House for Australian Pelican Show

It was exciting to see our Theatre fill up today for the incredible Australian Pelican Show!
The Pelicans make the journey to the Australian Outback about once every 10 years. Everyone wanted to know the reason why.

Watch the source of the video we watched:
National Geographic 50 minute special on Outback Pelicans

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Successful morning to South America

Eight of us went on a virtual trip to South America with David Attenborough as our Hummingbird tour guide. I've been planning this trip for the past 2 weeks.
The new technology in our Theatre (designed for movies) now has some sort of new app. that I don't understand and most of the staff are not familiar with it either. Recently we have one person hired in the Recreation department that know how to operate it and has the time to help me show first class bird documentaries.

The video source you can watch here

Friday, July 10, 2015

1417 Species 0f Birds in Venezuela

Time to sharpen your memory as we go birding for 1417 species in Venezuela.
The Venezuelan Troupial is a specie belonging to the oriole family.

There are 14 species of tinamous which have been recorded in Venezuela.
The photograph to the left is a Great Tinamou

There are 104 species of Hummingbirds recorded in Venezuela.
Green Hermit Hummingbird

The White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird
It is found in the Cordillera de Caripe and Paria Peninsula, both in northeast Venezuela and in Tobago, West Indies

Birdwatching Tour NW Venezuela - 6 min
More than 500 bird species were seen on this tour

Take a look at Birding in Venezuela - if rhe weather turns bad.
Birds of Venezuela -- 'Venezuela Challenge' - Venezuela Expedition - 25 min.

A handy Map of Venezuela