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Welcome to the world of Birds ~ Armchair birding via upclose videos. Adding quality to our life one bird at a time.
Seniors enjoy the gift of healthy memory activity they recieve from watching the theatre of nature. Test yourself to see how many birds you can remember. All shut-ins love the challenge of birdwatching from their windows, TV and computers.
Learn to identify the birds and they will soon feel like new friends.
We can only live one moment at a time. The birds will help us enjoy it as it reduces the fear that comes with memory loss.
Our thanks to the many youtube video producers who are bringing smiles to all who watch the excellent work.
Written and designed by GramaBarb

A song to brighten your day is I like Birds by the eels - Smile!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Birds Where We Live

Saturday Dec. 5 we watched a series of short videos of Birds Where we live. Birdwatching without leaving our apartment building.

Here is the bird list:

My Youtube Playlist
This list is based on the birds Jean and I have seen without leaving the building.
Look out your window, the window from at the dining room, patio and the sky.

Our Home Bird List at Terrace's

First video is our theme song.... I Like Birds
Bushtits fly in flocks throughout the winter in the big tree out front and around the building.
House Finch family can be seen every spring and early summer on our patio.
Blackcapped Chickadees are often heard before they are seen our our patio
Chestnut Backed Chickadee love our little pine trees – watch for them
Northern flicker has been spotted pausing on the tree seen from our dining room.
House Sparrow is common and can be seen every spring and summer feeding many demanding babies
Rufous Hummingbird checks out our flowers and then they leave if they are the wrong kind or they are too dry. Let try to plant Bee Balm
Glaucous-winged Gulls have provided a lot of entertainment for all of us all year long.
Canada Geese on the Roof - Baby Bird Fall – (ask Jean S. For the story about our family of Canada Geese on the roof)
Crows, Crows, Crows – fly by our window ... Where do they go?
Crows in Burnaby to Still Creek
Bald Eagle flying over Vancouver – we often watch the air combat from our window
East Vancouver Bald Eagle – up close
Rock Pigeon Gets a Medal (1946) We enjoy their visits to our balcony.
Do the Bird dance as you leave from Birds and Blooms Music Video – I like Birds

Our Home Bird Video List at Terrace's

Saturday, November 7, 2015

African Birds showcased at my Theatre

Africa is rich in birds, with 2,355 species recorded on the continent.

Program for African Birds Theatre

Bird Watching - Uganda East Africa
Secretary Birds of Africa
SOUTH AFRICA small birds of san parks
Various birds in Pretoria,SA on Allen BirdCam on 17 April 2015
Stunning Lilac-breasted Roller at Djuma Waterhole June 9, 2013
Orangebreasted Sunbird feeding on aloe

Africa Birds Theatre
Grama Barb Youtube Playlist


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Destination is the World Bird Dance Floor

This world class dance concert is glamorous, romantic and funny.

All the birds are wild and have not been trained by people.
All birds are professional dancers!

A playlist of 9 performances with music accompaniment.

The playlist is called Theatre Birds Dancing


Monday, August 31, 2015

Champions of the Sky

Owls are extremely popular and people wanted to see more videos about the world of Owls.
The Ornithologists and film crew of these two films are equally as passionate about Owla as my audience on August 29, 2015. There was standing room only in our Theatre.

The first film is about 2 Ornitholists from CornellLab who travel to the Canadian Arctic


The second film is where we travel the world with a passionate Ornithologist to study owls of he world. The Silent Hunters!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Remarkable Creatures of the Land of Ice and Snow

This film is the story of survival of a family of Snowy Owls.
Whwn I turned the lights on at the end of the film everyone had looks of "awe" on their faces about the photography and remarkable information about the Snowy Owl.
The images of the Arctic Tundra and the Snowy Owl family will forever be etched in your memory.

Watch the National Geographic film here: https://youtu.be/Dyqf35u276E

Saturday, August 8, 2015

In Pursuit of Birds of Paradise - All 39 Species

It is exciting to see the Birds of Paradise and even more exciting to follow the 2 photographer/scientists on their 8 year Bird of Paradise project.
You will be looking over their shoulder as they film many never before seen footage of this family of biological wonders of the world.

Watch and experience the condensed 8 years of their journey on the 50 minute youtube video.

And a 4 minute slide show of all 39 species of Birds-of-Paradise

Thank you Tim Laman of National Geographic and Edwin Scholes of Cornell Lab of Ornithology for incredible documentation that I could share with Seniors in a Assisted Living Home via youtube. Thank you to youtube for making it available to the world.

National Geographic Birds-of-Paradise article

Saturday, August 1, 2015

"I want to Watch the Show Again!"

As the theatre emptied with everyone exclaiming how amazing the Cassowary is and this was the first time they had seen one etc --- I noticed one lady who was not getting up from her seat so Jean went to find out if she needed help. Joan said, "No, I am fine. I want to watch the show again. I don't want to go." We couldn't convince her that there wasn't going to be another bird show until next Saturday and there she sat waiting for the Cassowary show to play again. Eventually found her way to the lobby still insisting she wanted to watch the bird show again.
I was thrilled that the show had impacted her so positively and she responded to it so well as she is having serious problems with dementia and shows very little interest in what is happening around her.

The source of the Cassowary show is on youtube

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Full House for Australian Pelican Show

It was exciting to see our Theatre fill up today for the incredible Australian Pelican Show!
The Pelicans make the journey to the Australian Outback about once every 10 years. Everyone wanted to know the reason why.

Watch the source of the video we watched:
National Geographic 50 minute special on Outback Pelicans

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Successful morning to South America

Eight of us went on a virtual trip to South America with David Attenborough as our Hummingbird tour guide. I've been planning this trip for the past 2 weeks.
The new technology in our Theatre (designed for movies) now has some sort of new app. that I don't understand and most of the staff are not familiar with it either. Recently we have one person hired in the Recreation department that know how to operate it and has the time to help me show first class bird documentaries.

The video source you can watch here

Friday, July 10, 2015

1417 Species 0f Birds in Venezuela

Time to sharpen your memory as we go birding for 1417 species in Venezuela.
The Venezuelan Troupial is a specie belonging to the oriole family.

There are 14 species of tinamous which have been recorded in Venezuela.
The photograph to the left is a Great Tinamou

There are 104 species of Hummingbirds recorded in Venezuela.
Green Hermit Hummingbird

The White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird
It is found in the Cordillera de Caripe and Paria Peninsula, both in northeast Venezuela and in Tobago, West Indies

Birdwatching Tour NW Venezuela - 6 min
More than 500 bird species were seen on this tour

Take a look at Birding in Venezuela - if rhe weather turns bad.
Birds of Venezuela -- 'Venezuela Challenge' - Venezuela Expedition - 25 min.

A handy Map of Venezuela

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wonderful Bird is the Pelican

Do you remember this limerick about a pelican?

A limerick penned in 1910 by Dixon Lanier Merritt (1879–1972)
A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican,
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week
But I'm damned if I see how the helican!

Columbo Classic - Pelican Limerick

American White Pelicans
https://youtu.be/xzTpOL9KpQA 1.20 Min

Brown Pelican

Peruvian Pelican

Great White Pelican

Australian Pelican

National Geographic 50 minute special on Outback Pelicans

Pink-backed Pelican

Dalmatian Pelican

Spot-billed Pelican

Friday, June 5, 2015

You Never Forget the Call of a Loon

The call of a Loon will stay cemented in your memory for life.
Have you ever been alone on a lake in a row boat in the early morning and suddenly the quiet is broken with the call of the Loon.? I have and I will never forget it!

Follow a Loon cam and a Loon blog
Minnesota Bound Live Loon Cam

Loon Chick leaves the nest June 1, 2015

Common Loon Mother and 6 day old chick

June 7, 2014 Baby Loon goes for her first swim.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Remarkable Ibis

There are 28 extant species and 2 extinct species of ibis.

The Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber) is a species of Ibis in the bird family Threskiornithidae
When you travel throughout tropical South America and islands of the Caribbean watch for this remarkable bird in the wild.

Trinidad & the Scarlet Ibis- Wild Caribbean

The Scarlet Ibis is the national bird of Trinidad

White American Ibis
Excellent educational video about the White American Ibis

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Salton Sea Birds and History

Over 400 species of birds call Salton Sea either their home or migration rest spot.
It is worth your time to learn about the background of Salton Sea, California inorder to appreciate just how unique it is and why it needs to be saved.

Dawn to Dusk at the Salton Sea during the winter time.

Black-necked Stilts video showing safety in numbers

Pelican Days at the Salton Sea

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Mysterious Birds of Paradise

There are 39 species of the Bird of Paradise according to the CornellLab of Ornithology.

National Geographic Live! - Tim Laman & Ed Scholes: Birds of Paradise
https://youtu.be/OcCP4_R8QBw 30 minutes long

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Do All Ducks Quack?

Ducks are not "Just Ducks"! I hear the words told a child all the time in a park, "Oh, those brds are JUST Ducks!"
They have names for all 100 species of ducks worldwide. They are not hard to learn.
Let's learn a few and see if they all quack.
The Wood Duck
Beaver Lake, Vancouver

Wood Duck call from wikipedia

Wood Ducks eggs have hatched and the ducklings have left the nest.
Mallard Duck is found around the world.
Brief info video

Mallard Duck call from wikipedia

White-faced whistling duck can be found in South America and Africa.

White-faced Whistling Duck call from wikipedia

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So Wild and Exotic you won't believe these Birds are Real

Most colourful birds of the world
https://youtu.be/m5aAp__XQOQ 49 minutes of music with the birds.

Brazilian Tanager
https://youtu.be/s6E4QCGHxZ8 1:15 minutes

Black Throated Magpie Jay
Notice the beautiful colour and long graceful tail.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our Swallow Story begins with Capistrano

At lunch time today I asked if anyone had seen a swallow yet this year? No one had!
The conversation then went on to talking about the song about swallows called "When the Swallows come back to Capistrano".
This video will bring back the memory for you.

We then talked about where we thought Capistrano was and it turned out the we were all wrong and yes they still expect the Swallows to return to Capistrano and they have a Festival on March 19 every year to welcome them.

It is the Cliff Swallow that migrates to Capistrano and here they are raising the next generation.

The Story of San Juan Capistrano

Wild Journey - European Barn Swallows from Ireland to South Africa

The Barn Swallows at Marshfield, Massachusetts

Monday, April 13, 2015

Baby Birds Warning! May be too cute for some to watch.

Addicted to cute? Be warned - some of these videos you may find them TOO CUTE!


Mandarin Duck family
Young ducks are called "ducklings"

Baby swan's (Cygnets) hitching a ride off mum

Link to Grama Barb's Baby Birds youtube playlist of over 20 different birds.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Exploring the Woodpecker World

When we lived near a wooded area in BC, Canada the Pileated Woodpeckers always visited our backyard feeders.
Pileated Woodpeckers Amazing Calls!

Baby Pileated Woodpeckers

Why is one woodpecker called Acorn Woodpecker?
Yes, you are right, they hoard acorns! But where do they store them?
Acorn Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Beautiful Woodpecker Bird - Black-rumped Flameback - Dinopium benghalense
It is widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent. https://youtu.be/4DC6Npc9Lw0

American three-toed woodpecker in Alaska
Thank you tecco59

Looking for the Black Woodpecker of Europe

Birding in Borneo

First of all lets learn a little bit about Borneo.

Birds of Borneo

Where to go for excellent Birdwatching

Friday, March 27, 2015

Owls of the World

Super documentary about OWLS

Barn Owl Nest Webcam In Texas by Cornell
The female barn owl is a colored a little darker than the male.

Barred Owl Nest Webcam in Indiana by Cornell

Great Horned Owl nest in Savannah, Georgia by Cornell

The Transformer Owls are species of scops and screech owls with some amazing examples of how it defends itself by transforming itself.
Example how the owls transform themselves.

Owl defending itself against a squirrel

Friday, March 20, 2015

Herons are Stealthy Hunters

Herons are the masters of stealth. Have you ever watched them stalk prey?

Introduction to the Great Blue Heron

Beauty and life of the Great Blue Heron

The Vancouver Stanley Park Heron Colony
The heron cam gives you the ultimate close up view of one of North America's largest urban colonies of Pacific great blue herons
Read the instructions for getting the max enjoyment from the interactive webcam.


April 20, 2015 the Heron Chicks are hatching! I just checked out the "contro" and the the position gadget - pick J nest 1 and 2 for 2 nests with chicks at the same time!

The Grey Heron in Africa
Grey Heron eats a frog

Grey Heron swallowing a large fish.

Green Heron
The Green Heron is a stealthy hunter

The Green Heron use bait to catch its fish

Black-crowned Nigh Heron