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Seniors enjoy the gift of healthy memory activity they recieve from watching the theatre of nature. Test yourself to see how many birds you can remember. All shut-ins love the challenge of birdwatching from their windows, TV and computers.
Learn to identify the birds and they will soon feel like new friends.
We can only live one moment at a time. The birds will help us enjoy it as it reduces the fear that comes with memory loss.
Our thanks to the many youtube video producers who are bringing smiles to all who watch the excellent work.
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

All year this list can be seen Fairly Common in Vancouver

You have to look a little harder to see these birds as they are rated as Fairly Common in the Greater Vancouver area.

1. Wood Duck
This video of chasing, mating and chick raising of wood ducks was filmed at Beaver Lake in Stanley Park of Vancouver, B. C. Canada

2. Ring-necked Pheasant

3. Sooty Grouse
Sooty Grouse male displaying, hooting and chasing two females. Location: Burnaby Mountain Park, Burnaby, BC, Canada.

4. Red-necked Grebe

5. Pelagic Cormorant
2014.01.31 White Rock, BC, Canada

6. Virginia Rail
Take a look at the secretive Virginia Rail and learn a little about why it's so well adapted for marsh life. Learn a couple of bird sounds too!

7. Eurasian Collared-Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove filmed in Nanaimo, BC, Canada

8. Downy Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker ( male ) seen at Hastings Park Sanctuary in Vancouver, BC

9. Northern Flicker
Northern Flicker at Maplewood Flats, North Vancouver, BC

10. Steller's Jay
Peanut war! A mature Douglas Squirrel defends the bowl of peanuts from a number of hungry Stellar's Jay. When the squirrel is not around there could be as many as five or six Jays at the bowl.

11. Marsh Wren
These wrens are abundant in marshes, cattails, rushes and sedges.They generally keep hidden but may climb a cattail to sing. http://youtu.be/RlbpWe4SiZ8

12. Purple Finch
Purple Finch, Vancouver Island

13. Red Crossbill

14. American Goldfinch
A video of the vibrant and cute lil' american goldfinches that flock to my birdfeeders on a yearly basis.

15. Evening Grosbeak
Invaded by Evening Grosbeaks after I made a backyard waterfall and plugged it in.

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